Seriennummer: 7080505194-007

Performance. Formed by Weinmann. 

High flexibility thanks to a high degree of vertical integration: that's the only way to provide the kind of performance that today's markets expect. Our customers want components – but more importantly they want complete components, of the most varied types.

We've geared ourself towards this, systematically. Firstly because of our ability to process all materials that are of practical significance:

            • from simple machining steel to high-quality stainless alloys
            • nonferrous metals like copper and aluminium
            • titanium
            • non-metallic materials such as the new plastics, which are 
               becoming increasingly important.

In addition we provide a broad range of finishing and related technologies:

            • honing
            • brushing
            • conventional polishing and electrical polishing
            • grinding
            • sand blasting
            • milling
            • splicing
            • surface treatment, for which we have access to competent partners 
            • subassembly construction

So as you can see: Weinmann is excellently equipped to face all manner of production technological challenges. What would you like to challenge us with?