Seriennummer: 7080505194-007

Variety. Formed by Weinmann. 

Weinmann stands for quality, primarily in small to medium batch sizes. But Weinmann also means variety: variety in the processing of all kinds of materials such as stainless alloys, copper, aluminium, titanium or plastic. Variety in the potential offered by subassembly construction. And variety in processing options and component dimensions:

            • Large diameters up to 250 mm
            • Lengths up to 1000 mm
            • Difficult geometries
            • Ultra-small turned parts
            • Turret and chuck components
            • Milled parts

This kind of variety makes a lot of things easier for you. Especially if you

            • need a lot of different parts
            • frequently change your parts
            • assemble with entire part families, or
            • require "one-offs" or special products.

There's only one thing you need: us.